Construction and Contracting

Quality, Honesty & Hard Work

We are a construction and contracting company that seeks to maintain the highest standards of quality in both our work and our professional conduct. Globaltech provides a bevy of services that include but not limited to construction work, pre-construction work and construction management. Our years of experience in the industry have made it clear to us that the most valuable thing to possess is commitment to teamwork and integrity. Our primary asset has always been and will always be people. To be successful, we must work together with our clients toward a common goal. We founded this company on the values of quality, honesty and hard work, and we pride ourselves on our commitment to these values. We don’t only exist to build structures, we seek to build relationships with each of our clients. A meaningful relationship with a client is more valuable than any one-off project could ever be. If you want efficient, comprehensive construction conducted with the highest level of ethical standards and priced at competitive rates, look no further than Globaltech Contractors.

Safe & Properly Built

Globaltech coordinates, manages and supervises construction activities to ensure a project is complete, safe and properly built in strict accordance with contract documents. We use subcontractors, suppliers and our own professional taskforce to provide the necessary labor, materials, equipment, temporary utilities and facilities to complete construction of a project. During the pre-construction phase, we work with clients and the design team to create a plan. We discuss design parameters, scope of work, quality requirements, schedule and, most importantly, budgeting. During construction we will assemble a risk management plan, which we will strictly follow to identify potential problems before they occur, so that risk-handling activities may be planned and invoked as needed as the project moves forward to mitigate adverse impacts on our objectives. We perform our services on many types of properties, including but not limited to:

  • Office
  • High-rise condominiums
  • Hospitality
  • Educational
  • Retail
  • Interior
  • Senior living
  • Residential
  • Infrastructure

A Commitment to Excellence

When you choose Globaltech Contractors, you choose a commitment to excellence and premier client service. You’re going to want reliable, productive partners who you can trust as you grow your operation and continue to build. We don’t only want your business for a single transaction, we want your business for life.

That’s why we make sure we’re working with the utmost efficiency without sacrificing the commitment to ethical integrity that makes us one of the most capable contracting entities in the industry. Let us work with you, not only to have your vision fully realized, but to also ensure our partnership in realizing future projects.